SLIP wants to ensure that access to communication is available to your Deaf customers, students, employees and patients- especially during the COVID19 pandemic.  We want to make sure that providing communication access is easy and seamlessly integrated into your office.  Additionally, we want to make sure you are getting the same high quality service you're accustom to with SLIP. 


SLIP offers video remote interpreting services - often called VRI in the community.  SLIP remote interpreting (SLIPri), service does not require any purchase, lease or use of special equipment.  We can work with you to choose a platform that is most accessible by you and the one with which you're most comfortable operating; we've done the research for you! By using SLIP's remote interpreting services, you will have access to the same familiar interpreter faces that you would have onsite but now, in a remote environment.  This also means that your Deaf patient, student, customer, or employee can access interpreting services while remaining safe and physically distanced in their homes.