With a custom approach to scheduling requests for interpreters, SLIP treats every situation with care and professionalism.  A family owned business, each situation is managed as if it were our own.   

Now available: SLIPRI (Sign Language Interpreting Professionals - Remote Interpreting)

SLIPRI  is prepared to fill the remote interpreting needs of your organization with the same reliable, consistent and professional, state registered, interpreters you are used to seeing on site.

  • With SLIPRI there is no special equipment necessary.  
  • There is no paying for the interpreter to drive to your location.  
  • There is no 2 hour minimum.  

With SLIPRI an interpreter is available to you anywhere you have internet access and a webcam.  

Fill out this questionnaire and we will contact you to schedule your free demo!


Education Health Care Legal / Attorneys Employers / Business Trade Shows
Concern: A Deaf student enrolled in the University, how do we make sure he/she gets the same experience as the other students? Concern: We want to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment of our Deaf patients. We want to avoid any unnecessary or potentially dangerous mistakes from occurring. Concern: I have been contacted by a potential client who is Deaf. Without effective communication, I will be unable to provide zealous representation with maximum results. Concern: We want to ensure that our employee is able to participate fully in our staff meetings and trainings. We want to avoid miscommunication that can cause frustration while at work. Concern: We are not reaching a potential group of consumers who may be interested in the product and/or services we have to offer.
Sign Language Interpreting Professionals can work with the Disability Services office to ensure equal access to all facets of the college experience. Sign Language Interpreting Professionals can be the auxiliary aid that enables effective communication to be established. Sign Language Interpreting Professionals contribute to the statutory duty to provide effective communication to Deaf clients. Sign Language Interpreting Professionals can be considered an accommodation so that Deaf employees can participate equally in employment opportunities. Sign Language Interpreting Professionals can be the auxiliary aid that ensures effective communication so equal participation and benefit is available to Deaf consumers and patrons.


Effective Communication is the goal of your interactions and we work with you to achieve that goal.  

Here is an article on how "effective communication" applies to you.

In addition to providing ASL interpreting services, we also provide:

Consultation & Training in the areas of communication access, Deaf culture, sign language and working with interpreters.  

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