Are you interested in providing interpreting services for SLIP? Contract work is available for you if you hold PA state registration or provisional registration. Contact us today!

Not ready to interpret for SLIP? Our sister company, SLIPU has unique development opportunities available for you! 

  • SLIP U Mentorship Program
    • On the job training is vital for success and growth as an interpreter! SLIP partners provisional interpreters with experienced mentors to develop skills and enhance the profession and talent in the region. (Note: This is a fee for service mentorship arrangement.)
  • SLIP U Internship Program
    • Are you currently enrolled in an ITP Program and seeking an intership?  We have an opportunities for you to work with our Coordinator of Interpreter Development to satisfy your program's requirements. ( Note: Only a limited number of interns are accepted to this program each semester.)
  • ApprenticeSLIP Program
    • SLIP is piloting an apprenticeship program designed to meet the growing need of interpreters who are graduating from ITP programs, passing the RID written exam and then struggling to find opportunities to gain relevant experience.  Contact us for more details. 


Cultivating talent.  Encouraging growth.  Fostering community.

Talk with us about opportunities at all levels.

For contract positionss: send an email to SLIPpresident@gmail.com detailing your experience and interest.

For internship, mentorship or ApprenticeSLIP positions: send an email to SLIPcidevelopment@gmail.com detailing your experience and interest.