Sign Language Interpreting Professionals is pleased to announce that Jody Longo will assume the role of Coordinator of Interpreter Development for SLIP U. In her role, Jody will facilitate the progressive growth of interpreters by providing direction and experiential knowledge of all aspects of interpreting, including community, educational, theatrical, and religious settings.


She has been involved with and provided services to the Deaf Community for more than 25 years.  Jody is a certified interpreter, NIC and Ed: K-12, who graduated from an ITP in New Jersey.  Additionally, Jody worked as a mentor for the Pennsylvania Department of Education in their program to ensure all interpreters working in the state complied with the Educational Interpreter Proficiency Assessment required score.


A big believer in paying it forward, Jody actively supports assisting “newly minted” interpreters entering the field. “The collaboration between the Deaf and Interpreting communities lies with each member of the two groups as a basis for a strong foundation. It is our collective responsibility to foster the next generations growth so they can seamlessly step into our roles as we move forward in life’s journey.” 

Contact Jody for information on SLIP U's internship and ApprenticeSLIP or mentoring opportunities! More details can be found here!