Interested Candidates should submit resume and cover letter to SLIPoperations@gmail.com by December 23rd


Job Title: Coordinator of Interpreter Development Contact:

Danielle Filip 412-400-2021 x1002 


Remote / HQ: Allison Park PA 15101 Posted: November 22, 2019

Position Type:

Part Time / Hourly Hours: Vary: based on need / intern placement

Pay rate:

$26-30/hr based on experience Reports to: SLIPU President


SLIP U, a pioneer firm focused on developing the next generation of interpreters is looking to fill its Coordinator of Interpreter Development position. The ideal candidate is someone who has a history of working as a nationally certified interpreter, has experience with teaching interpreting and is a compassionate coach. The candidate should be comfortable working in a remote setting and be well versed at electronic communication and technology. This person should have a vision for the future generation of interpreters and a strong desire to be part of fostering the growth of developing professionals in an evolving marketplace.

Job responsibilities will be recruiting developing interpreters for the program; observing and working with program participants in the field; meeting with and providing feedback to program participants; developing, preparing and providing programming and activities; and communicating with SLIP U’s leadership regarding program or participant needs.

Duties include by are not limited to:
• Attend events to promote the SLIP U program (career fairs, community events, etc);
• Market SLIPU’s program to colleges with ITP/IPP’s;
• Educate high school students on the field of interpreting;
• Meet and screen candidates for the SLIP U programs;
• Complete paperwork required by ITP/IPP’s for intern programming;
• Facilitate hands on learning by shadowing ApprenticeSLIP participants in the field;
• Encourage growth by providing feedback to program participants;
• Develop a customized plan for participants using a variety of resources for successful “graduation”;
• Provide and review deliberate practice assignments with participants;
• Discuss progress or roadblocks with participants in an authentic manner;
• Prepare and provide training materials, and activities to help developing interpreters develop skills;
• Evaluate and enhance SLIP U’s programming;
• Correspond with SLIP U leadership regarding program needs;
• Host monthly skill building meeting for the community.
• Other duties as assigned.


• American Sign Language Skills (required);
• Interpreting Skills (required);
• RID Certification (required);
• BA Degree from Interpreter Training Program (preferred);
• Mentoring training experience (preferred)
• This position requires proficiencies in technology and remote work settings:
• Google Calendar, Google Docs, Gmail
• Microsoft Office Suite
• GoReact
• Remote meeting technology (ie. Zoom, GoToMeeting, FreeConferenceCall etc)
• Strong English & communication skills (including knowledge of intra and interpersonal communication skills);
• Ability to work independently;
• Organizational and problem-solving skills;
• Commitment to continued growth demonstrated through participation in the field through conferences, publications, workgroups or other related activities.